August 26, 2014

  • Seans From Out West--Michigan


    July the 20th last month I went to Michigan with Mark & Polly Yoder to visit their oldest Son Israel & wife Jessie and their 7 children.


    DSCN0291resized - Copy DSCN0292resized - Copy DSCN0293resized - Copy DSCN0293resized

    I really enjoyed myself there with the family--Let me see if I can name everbody I will be starting at the top then going from left to right

    Mark & Polly Yoder--(they started it all)

    Misty - Grant - Merle - Summer - Israel & Jessie - Shadrick

    Autumn -  Amber - River Joy

    DSCN0294resized - Copy DSCN0294resized DSCN0295resized DSCN0296resized DSCN0298resized DSCN0299resized

    One of the many thing that goes on out there is Butchering.


    DSCN0292resized - Copy DSCN0291resized - Copy

    I think this photo the family was to be simple.




    Bullseye is the name of Israel's  company.

    This includes Butcher shop with bulk food-- Construction (Building what-ever is need) --Hay cutting raking & Baling

    Longhorn Cattle.


    DSCN0305resized DSCN0305resized - Copy

    DSCN0304resized DSCN0304resized - Copy

    It is really quite the operation- All of the family can work in one part or another of the business.

    DSCN0303resized - Copy DSCN0302resized - Copy

    I was impressed that at night or on the weekend the door on the market building is not locked-- I went out Sunday morning to look around for some reason I tried to go in to look around never believing that I would be able to get in--But I Did.

August 18, 2014

  • Enjoy them again.

    If I only knew what I am doing I would feel so much better.

    DSCN9337resized    DSCN9338resized

     Sean's  From the Past.

    Cameron Hamilton (L)--(R) second row left- Savanna Weaber

    DSCN9324resized      DSCN9331resized

    Chupp-- Meghan                  (top-Kauffman-- Aaron Aycoth--Meghan  cute mouth

    DSCN9324resized    DSCN9307resized

    DSCN9306resized    DSCN9307resized

    Gehman playing Flute -- Chaffinch  Horn    Chupp Horn

    DSCN9322resized      DSCN9319resized

    Ronda Smoker     Chisenhall

    DSCN9309resized       DSCN9228resized

    Busby                         Lacey Tennefuss

    DSCN9237resized     DSCN9303resized

    Edith   ----  Mr Miller


    Tim- Diana   -Holly   Dawn       Good looking young folks


    Tyler Joanna Warfel ---   Candace Sw      John D & Carlene Swartzentruber.

    DSCN9217resized DSCN9191resized

    Lee & Kelly Sverduk          Roger Swartzentruber


    Lois Smoker                Freda Zehr

    You have seen theses before enjoy them again

August 12, 2014

  • Trial Run

    It has been so long since I have tried to do a blog I really don't know if I remember how--Especially how to get the photos that are lying in this computer someplace.


    DSCN0024resized DSCN0007resized DSCN0022resized DSCN0023resized DSCN0022resized DSCN0020resized DSCN0019resized DSCN0018resized DSCN0015resized


    Quite some time ago I took these pictures and then with Xanga being all different I didn't know what to do with them,

    so they have been just hang around in my computer since March I guess. There will not be much rime or reason about these photos just enjoy.


    DSCN0014resized DSCN0013resized DSCN0012resized DSCN0010resized DSCN0009resized DSCN0008resized

    I see that the photos are now leaving the Greenwood Mennonite School and going down to Sarasota Florida to the Bahia Vista Mennonite Church for a fund raiser for

    Christian Fellowship Mission

    It looks like the      Inspirations Quartet     From Brison  City North Carolina  There also was John Schimd ---then I have the privileged of leading the congregation in some hymns-- All in all it was a very good evening.

    DSCN0007resized DSCN9783resized DSCN9780resized DSCN9781resized DSCN9782resizedDSCN9780resized DSCN9781resized DSCN9772resized DSCN9778resized DSCN9779resized DSCN9775resized DSCN9769resized DSCN9773resized DSCN9768resized DSCN9765resized DSCN9764resized DSCN9761resized DSCN9760resized DSCN9758resized DSCN9757resized

    The afternoon program there were probably 400 in the audience

    The evening program was one of the best I've heard the Inspirations preform -- There were probably 700


    John Schmid and his wife Lydia had the first 50 minutes of each program-- The evening singing between John Schmid and the Inspirations was a really -- Raising the roof song fest.



    I see that my photos are all mixed up You have probably seen a lot of these photos before--I beg your pardon

January 23, 2014

  • Raising money for Hatia


    Every year usually the 2nd Friday of January there is a fund raiser that CFM Christian Fellowship Mission featuring the Inspirations and John Schmid along with some Congerations Singing lead by Merle Embleton This takes place at the Bahia Vista Mennonite Church in Sarasota Florida.




    John Schmid open for the Inspirations then he will have his wife Lydia come and sing with him for several songs.



    The Inspirations


    DSCN9763resized     DSCN9764resized

    DSCN9765resized     DSCN9768resized

    Here is a close up of each--I wish I knew the names of each one but I don't.



    The Church was nearly full I think the afternoon service there were around 400 people.--The evening program there was over 500 folks it was a very good program.



    Martin Cook   (the man with the mike)  Martin as a music teacher many years ago took 4 young men and started a group singing and the Inspirations were born.


    DSCN9769resized    DSCN9772resized

    The young man above can play any instrument On the left he is playing the Bass Violin that Martins son usually plays but he is home sick.--On the right he is playing the Guitar--Then in front is the Steel and he plays that also.


    DSCN9775resized   DSCN9773resized

    On the L he is playing the Piano -- Martin is only 3-or 4 month younger than I am -(77) and still plays a (mean) Piano.


    DSCN9781resized       DSCN9782resized

    A lot of folks were sitting up in the Balcony.


    DSCN9780resized   DSCN9783resized

    (L) Is the (R) side of the audience   (R)  Showing the young

    man playing the Piano again.



    Merle Embleton

    Something is wrong with this photo I hope you can turn your head sideways and see who it is. I was leading the congregation.

January 21, 2014

  • Florida--Sarasota--4609 School st. Tree


    There was a big pine tree north of my Florida home that had died and needed to be cut down.


    DSCN9744resized     DSCN9744resized

    It was a tall tree with a lot of dead limbs that hung over some power lines.--I'll show you another new machine that came in real handy.



     I had met Mr WAYNE SHELTON several years ago so I dug through my draw's in the bed room and found his card and called him.

    Can you read--NIFTY    SD 50 He had only had it several weeks



    The gent in the bucket does all the high work and was he fast I was really impressed. I thought of my son-in-law Lyle Hamilton  he could have done any thing this man did and probably as fast or faster but he was really good--Then I thought of Jeremy Yoder he is very quick also. But experience come into play, I would be glad to use any of the three if the needs arises


    DSCN9746resized   DSCN9748resized

    There is a chipper behind the dump truck and every branch was chipped and blown into the truck.


    Here is the chipper and it is not very old Wayne has been in the business for close to 30 years and he has the equipment for the job.

    DSCN9738resized  DSCN9748resized


    Mr Wayne Shelton on the left.---- John the saw man.


    DSCN9753resized    DSCN9754resized

    He did a good job of cutting the tree down when he had enough limbers cut off, so he could fall the tree


    DSCN9755resized    DSCN9756resized


    Mr Wayne said that he is the only one that operates the stump-grinder.

    I went in the house to put some different clothe on and when I came out  Wayne was finish grinding the stump and loading up the grinder. I was disappointed because I wanted some pictures---U snooze U lose.

January 18, 2014

  • Alum. Games at GMS

    Last year before I left for Florida not exactly sure of the date but sure you will remember so you tell me.


    DSCN9728resized   DSCN9729resized

    Some of the girls on the School team against  the Alumni girls


    DSCN9730resized    DSCN9731resized

    Some of the crowd  (L)   Syd and Taylor   (R)     Mr Woodall



    Ruth  &  Dick  with friend Mr  Julian Woodall.

    DSCN9733resized  DSCN9734resized


    North side of Mr Aus.   Aycoth family well part of- Mr Bob looking.



    I Won't  say whose score this is???



    Look-ie here Who is this attractive lady???

    Loretta (Smoker) Rakow



    Might she be Havalah Rakow?????

  • Jeremy Cheryl With 2 Children


    The Last Saturday before I left Delaware Jeremy & Cheryl with two of their three Children stopped over to take care of a little business with me.



    Max stayed with his grandpa I think, and Boaz was not sure if he wanted to stay in the house so his Daddy took him out and put him in the car and he stayed out there for quite a while.



    Kent and Amy were just finishing up with a Little business meeting about their work with  the MAF mission program



    Cheryl with their little daughter Arial.



    They even allowed me to hold the child



    I was about to ask if I could hold her when Cheryl ask if I wanted to hold her. I was almost afraid because I knew or thought I knew that she was so frail. I enjoyed holding her for a few minutes then she started to want her Mother.




    Jeremy Cheryl and the little one after I had held her for a little bit.

    I know I showed this one before, But I thought if was fitting here.



    Jeremy said that I looked so sad I was to smile on one of the pictures -- So how did I do?



    Getting ready to hand the child back to her mother



    Arial is now back safely with her Mother. I am so glad that I had the privilege of holding the little child, and I'm glad that   Jeremy took my camera  and recorded the ordeal. Thank You very much!!!!!!

January 15, 2014

  • Embleton's--Pizza-- Karaoke


    December 24th Christmas Eve--Well usually the Embletons have there Family Dinner and gift exchange. Some of the family were unable to be there so those who were able came to my home for a Pizza & Karaoke evening.


    DSCN9700resized    DSCN9701resized

    We had Pizza of all kind the one above was my choice (yum) I could eat some right now.

    DSCN9690resized    DSCN9691resized

    It was also ugly Sweater evening and boy did we have some doozy's!!!!!  There was singing--Laughter--Visiting.  Above Lyle & Jay are solving world problems,'-!!


    DSCN9695resized   DSCN9697resized


    Wendy--Jerry--Haley Family visiting with Jay--All Embletons


    Austin-- &  Kyle Bradley Wendy's son

    DSCN9702resized   DSCN9703resized

    Sure wish you could see in person these sweaters. Kathy and I went to several Good Will stores looking for sweaters, I think we bought 4 or 5 beauties I think she had me buy some PJ bottoms to go with my sweater__-))


    DSCN9704resized   DSCN9705resized

    Some of the music would have been a Gold Record

    DSCN9706resized   DSCN9708resized

    Gene & Sharon-----Sisters  Lacey--Meghan--Taylor

    DSCN9710resized   DSCN9711resized

    Can you hear the harmony/?


    They were GOOD


    DSCN9716resized    DSCN9709resized

    This is not the way I had them arranged I hit something and they-(the pictures) went all different.


January 6, 2014

  • Churches Singing Together


    4 Churches got together at the Greenwood Mennonite Church for a Christmas musical


    DSCN9623resized   DSCN9622resized

    This is the Band from the praise group down at

    Gateway Fellowship--(Cannon Mennonite) They were pretty good.   Young lady- Kirstin Borders


    DSCN9627resized    DSCN9628resized

    (L) Bontrager from Laws Church (R)- Anyone from any Church who wanted to sing under the direction of Kevin Yoder doing some Christmas Songs.


    DSCN9632resized    DSCN9634resized


    DSCN9640resized      DSCN9632resized 

    I trust that you can pick out your friends from multiple pictures of the group. They ended up singing the Halleluiah Chorus--I kept wishing I had gone up and helped.



    Its interesting I just looked again and I believe there are 6 different Churches represented in the group above



     Lois Smoker

    Holding Havalah -

    Not sure if this picture goes with this group but there it is









January 1, 2014

  • Parting is such sweet sorrow

    Dale & Lynnelle

    stayed at my place for a number of month in 2013--  lynnelle was alone for a month or more while Dale was out in Montana training to be a Big Game Guide and I was in the Hospital or Rehab learning how to be a good patient.



    Dale bought a enclosed Trailer down in Georgia so he drove his Pickup down and picked it up brought it to Delaware for the purpose of hauling Furniture from Delaware and Pa. out to Montana where they now live.


    DSCN9584resized    DSCN9586resized

    This is in front of my home -- Dale was busy while Lynnelle cleaned the unit mint clean It was probably better when they left than it was when they came-- Thanks Lynnelle.




    Lynnelle was pulling a small trailer, Not sure what she was hauling -- Perhaps it was??--No I really don't know next time I speak with her I will ask -- I'm sure it was a pay load!!!!!


    DSCN9589resized      DSCN9592resized

    Oh Lynnelle is hauling the John Boat-- If they hit high-water they can float--Trust that don't happen.

    DSCN9590resized       DSCN9591resized

    Dale pulling out my lane and I knew that they were leaving for good so I took all these photos just so I can look once in a while remembering this special ccouple


    I'm afraid to try and put this photo back up where it belongs so since all the photos are about the Mellingers I will leave it here.


    DSCN9594resized DSCN9593resized

    There they go -- Its been good knowing you both. I wish you the best and all the big game Dale and Lynnelle may you be happy in your job also happy to support your Hubbie as he turns out to be the best of the best Big Game Guide.